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ATON Outer- Temple Meanings and Attributes of the Netjer
AMON Amen,Amenet,Heq,Heqet,Nun,Naunet,Kauket,Amon-Ra
God of the city of Thebes,He with His consort Amenet serves as a Creation-Netjer of Primordial origins,His Images of representation are,A man seated and throned,A God with a frog-head,An Ape,and as a Lion.The goose and ram are sacred symbols to Him.
He is also known as 'the great unknowing power that creates the subtle source of all life'
Jackal headed son of Nephthys and Set,Dweller of the Threshold,God of the Dead,He who created the enbalmed wisdom,protector of the Portal of the Tuat,all souls must greet Him before the journey,He leads the Khu to Osiris,and Ma'at for the heart to be weighted with the feather.His is to protect from the ill of belief in eternal death.
A Goddess of Cats and protector of Cats,a Goddess of the home,wherein a Cat dwells in sacred,for a cat kills a serpent that would devour the Sun God.A Goddess of Heka and Peace...She is oftime mated with like Her twin Sekhmet.Bast is seen as the purifying power of the rays of the Sun.Whence Sekhmet is the destructive,yet healing power of the Sun.
A Dwarfish looking God of otherwise Semetic origins,a bearded savage jester like image,His power is of the house pleasures food,music,happiness,joy.He guards children and grants them pleasure as well.He is also a protector from all evil and ills from seen and unseen forces,He is also a fierce and avenging God.He loves to punish the evil and reward the good.
A son of Shu and Tefnut,He is the brother and husband of Nuit,He is the sire of Osiris,Set,Isis,and Nephthys,He is known as the Great Cackler,and the goose is one of His symbols,He is usually dispicted as a man with green skin,the color of His Earth.He also represents the sand and mud of the Nile and passionately wears these colors as well.
Ancestral Kemetic Goddess of the Cow,and her place in the Netjer is one of Love and and aspect almost as like the Great Mother.She has been known to be the consort of Ra and Horus.She represents all that is good and lovely,with beauty and grace in every woman,mother,wife and sister.She is the gift giver of Art,whether it be music or dance,or artistry itself.She is also in aspect of seven-formed Hathors,an almost faerie like beings of great power.
The star Sirius is sacred to Hathor..and still worshiped by artisans today.
Son of Isis and Osiris,equates to Ra,He who is known as a man with a hawk,or falcon head,who sits upon the throne.Defeater of Set(Suty),avenger of His father Osiris,God as a Child,Gold-Hawked one,Horus the Elder.There is so much of He who is Horus,research into Him would be better for the Neophyte.Great God of Twin-Hawks..Protector of Upper Kemet.He who is the possessor of the Utchat,the right eye of the Sun and protection,He who illuminates the Nile,Suckled by Isis,Avenger of the unjustices.
The Great Goddess,the Goddess of the Moon,Nile,and all of the lands of Kemet.She who is the Wife and sister to Osiris,the recoverer of the fourty-two parts,the Great Conjurer of Heka,Creator of the Apep serpent,Convincer of Ra to reveal His most secret name,Birther of Horus,Goddess of Abydos in the lower Delta.Sister of Nephthys and Set,She is a Goddess of healers,Magick,and ruler of the other Netjer.Hers is the landof the Nile and the Nile itself.She who is the guardian and protector of the Sons of Horus,She is the Goddess who wields the elements and upholds the pillars of the Universe.She is the Firmament within all things.The Supreme Mother,The Goddess luminous,
The God as creator,His is the seated throne as a man with a scarab as a face.He is the Great Changer,the Transformer,His is the Dung Beetle before the heap and after.His is the Sun at Night,Coming Forth by Night is dedicated to Him.He is the stirrer of the primordial waters and condenses all into the fabric of that which this become 'Creation'He is known a the Night-time Sun.He is also the power that moves the Universe on its pedistal,and He is the Firmament of the Iron Plate that holds up the Pylons that is the Sky of the Universe as well.His is the Great Secret of all that is and is becoming.
Wife of Thoth,She whos name means Truth or Justice.She whos feather weighs agains a souls heart before Osiris.She is the judge of the dead,She is the Law giver and Law keeper in Kemet.She who wears the Plume upon the head as Her uraeus,The ostritch feather is Hers as well as the Vulture.She is the fabric of all things that are of proper course in the order of the Universe.
An ancestral Goddess who is the Goddess of Wisdom,War and who's symbol is the crossed arrows,sister of Isis and Nephthys,also equated to the Goddess Serqet.Neith is the Goddess ready and seated upon Her throne,She is the Goddess of Ancestral Energy that lives within the blood line of the Kemet.
She is the Dark Goddess of the New Moon,Wife and sister to Set,mother of Anubis.When Set killed Osiris She abandoned Him,She assisted Isis in the restoring and resurrection of Osiris,She also administered Horus when He was child.She has the power of being a protector of the dead as well.She is the polar opposite but not in intent, of Isis Herself.
She is the Goddess of the sky,child and daughter of Shu and Tefnut,She is the Sib wife of Geb,and the mother of Osiris,Isis,Set and Nepthys.Hers is the bowed body with skins of deep hued blue,and covered with celestial stars.She is depicted as being on'all fours',and She is the Goddess of infinite space.She is seen as leaning over Her husband the Earth.
He is the dismembered one,the God of the Dead and otherworld,He sits in judgement with Ma'at before the scales of justice and truth.He is Sib Husband to Isis,father to Horus,In some of the Kemetic stories,Nephthys changed herself to look like isis,and with Osoris sprang forth Anubis.After Ra abandoned the world to Go forth unto the boat of the Sun,Osiris rules the Land of Kemet and Isis the Nile.Those who worshiped Him and His thriving cult did so since the earliest times and dynasty's in Kemet.He is the deliverer and he is the returner of the Khu set forth and place back together,with the Ka and the Ba.He still stands as the agricultural God and the give of fertility to crop and turning the soil.In all of Kemet He was the most worshipped in any Dynasty
He is the God that created the Universe,His seat was in Memphis as part of theMemphis triad.He fashioned the bodies of man so the Khu hast a place to dwell.He who desighned under the orders of Thoths specifications,He is depicted as holding an Uas,and ankh and Djed.
A God of the Sun,He who travels the sky in the boat of a million years,Hid eye(Utchat) is the protector and deliverer of Man.Ra is also depict as a hawk-headed man,in His boat are Apes and Baboons,Upon the Day boat'Madjet' and the evening boat 'Semeket'He travels the course of the 'Coming Forth by day' and resting in Nuit at Night.Isis created a serpent Apep to spit upon Ra,so forth he would give Her His secret name.The Name of the Powers in all of Creation.He is the father of Shu and tefnut,Grandfather of Nut and Geb.
Wife of Ptah-seker,Twin of Bast,Created by Ra as fire from the Utchat to be vengence and punish mankind for their indescretions.,also a peaceful protectress of those who stand in the right(Ma'at)She is also a healing Goddess,She who is known by one-hundred names.Once She gained a thirst for human blood,and destroyed much of civilization,Ra mixed a bowl beer and pomagranate juice and She drunk Herself into oblivion.She is widely worshiped today,and Her strengeth and Sekhem(power) stand strong and true.
A God of the Desert storms,Thunder,Chaos,Destroyer of Osiris,Battler of Horus,God that Kills the Apep Serpent each night.Husband to His sister Nephthys,In some mythos hes the Father of Anubis.Sometimes known as the God of Evil,actually Hes the God of Darkness and Chaotic powers.Apep is the God of Evil.
God who is wisdom,Self-created at the biginning of time,He is thought and incantations,Heka is his practice,He is the Ibis headed one,Consort to Ma'at.He is the Designer of the Universe,he is the Mind of the Netjer.