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Outer Temple of ATON Rite of Coming Forth by Day
'Enterer before the Sphinx'
Many of the Netjer were portrayed as human and animal,or with animal heads,He who is Jackal Headed,Anubis,God of the Dead,Guardian of the Threshold,is caretaker of the souls that pass to the Tuat,including animals.
The Kemet believed all animal life was sacred.Many animals that were found dead or exhumed with the Master of the House,would be imbalmed and buried in Sacred Sacophogi.
The peoples of Ancient Kemet believed that the origin of the world is the way its land re emerged after yearly immersion of the receding Nile
Out from the endless uncreation came the Sun and the giver of life Atum(Ra) and forth created He the Goddess of moisture and the God Shu,God of the winds and wings of Air.Mated and birthed came forth the Goddess Nut,the sky,and Her brother and husband Geb,the primordial aspect of Earth.
Here stands forth the 'Opening of the Ways' Ra sailed forth on His boat of the Sun between the Sky and earth,resting in the Dark of Night,being reborn,after the battle of Set and Apep,each morning...
To emulate this ritual,the call must be set forth to the East..In the morning,facing forth the end of Nut,and seeing forth the Utchat of Ra..rising forth in the 'Coming forth by Day'.
Osiris(waser) was first born of four children of Geb and Nut,His became the empowerment(Sekhem)of vegetation,His was the referment of the Line of Pharoahs,His was a son born named Horus,Osirius was also murdered by his brother Set,the God of Chaos and Darkness,and Set cut Osirises body into Fourty Two pieces and scattered them all about the Land of Kemet.Isis(Auset) who was Osirises sister and wife,went forth and sought out each of Osirius pieces and with Her sister Nephthys,with Heka(magick) they came back together,and He was resurrected,this is His position of the Afterlife where all of the souls must pass to therefrom.
The offspring of Osirus and Isis was the God Horus,the child God,Hawk or Falcon headed,Horus is the avenging God,that defeated Set.In His Battle with Set,he lost an eye,which by Heka of Thoth was replaced,The Eye of Horus,is the Utchat of protection and Horus is the living God of this life and earth.
The Egyptians believed in an afterlife,in order for one to prepare for the long and adous journey,the body was prepared and preserved by mummifcation.The Priesthood believed that upon the death,that various aspects of the soul is released.,the Ka is life-force,the etheric double is the Ba,and the soul itself is called the Khu.In order for the various parts of the soul to reunite,the dead must be preserved in a form known in the life they just left,and to preserve this,each part of the body,removed and placed in Urns,sealed and Heka spoken forth over them.
The body was washed with oils and massed into the skin layers,variable parts were preserved,and talismans with offerings were placed into the mummification process,and statues of the netjer with charms spoken with incantations,were layed with the body.(this falls into secret categories)
The Ritual of Coming Forth by Day
The 1st Frater proceeds of walking in front ,waving about a censer(with frankencense and myrrh)and sprinkling milk fresh from a cow,and held by the 1st Sororer is the Beir boat framed which holds the 'holder' of the 'Opening'.
On both sides of the Beir-Sarcophogus are the 2nd and 3rd Sororers,who attend to the 'holder'as Isis and Nephthys,and then as if carried by the Lodge and order members..a ledth of Urns with symbols of the 'Body Parts(Talismans) is pulled behind the beir-Sarcophagus,and and at the momnet of 'Opening' at the 'Portal' of the Lodge and Order,the Lodge and Order Sororers dressed in blue wail in a Kemetic Chant of Death and Despair.
The a symbolic 'Opening of the Mouth' rite curtailed,and the recitation of the Seventy-Two Negative Confessions was said over the Beir-Sarcophagus..and the 'holder' is attended to and anointed again by the 'Isis'and 'Nephthys' with the Utchat placed over the head and eye.
Then the recitation by the 'holder'of the 'Coming Forth by Day' is pronounced at the first glimpse of sunrise.
Afterwards of the recitation,the 'holder' is helped up out of the Beir-boat,and then faces the Sun in the sign of Apophis,and a heart talisman is brought forth to the 'awakener'and a feather of the Vulture(Ma'at) and is then handed to a Frater that stands as Anubis,and the 'holder' kneels before the Sun...and charms are spoken over his head,heart and eye..
And the 'Coming Forth by Day' is again recited towards the Sun..and as drink of beer and pomigranates are given by pouring the mix over the eye,and heart..
Then a feast ensues,or a Mass of Gnostic...this Ritual of 'Coming Forth by Day' should only be done at times of Initiation into other grades of the Lodge and Order.
If chosen by the ATON Pillar Orders,the Rituals change due to effect and location.
A Ritual of Admonition of the Utchat can be substituted for the Mass Gnostic,for those who are more pure towards the Kemetic,as compared to the Qabala.
Each part of this section is under-construction,as it unfold,it will carry the entire Outer Temple Corriculum...
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