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ATON Ceremony of the Grand Temple Feast
The Temple and Lodge is properly prepared,the sistrums and bells are places at the east and the weat of the Temple.Near the Altar base are the offerings of beer and pomagranates...with the lotus flower and water as the altar sacrament.DrinkBowls are places near the east of the Altar,and a Clay Bowl to the south.
The 1st Frater or 1st Sororer carries an Iron Blade and Holding a Large White Candle.The 2nd Frater and 2nd Sororer wears the Golden Ankh with red and black trim,carries the Uas,with frankencense oil.The 'scribes' come with offrings of bread and red beer.The Heirophant(Master of the ATON Temple)
Comes with the Flail and the Anubisstaff crossed at the chest in the Osiris position.
The Lodge and Order enter the Temple in a processional,following the 1st Frater who hast the white candle lit,and all proceed into the dim Temple,Illumined only by the candle.Thrice the Temple is circumamulated to the Sun-Wise,all go forth and the Heirphant is led to a throne that sits in the north of the Temple chamber.All are gathered about the throne,Heirophant,and the Altar in the dim lit temple.
1st Frater
" Em Sekhem,Ra. Iao,Iao,Ra-seker-hert!IAO"
Lodge and Order
"Iao,Iao,Iao, Raaaaaaaaa,Iao!
The Heirophant stamps the Anubisstaff,thrice,and the Lodge and Order shake the sistrums..
1st Frater
"Coming forth by Night,Ra rests in Nut.Forth we gather in Hathors Fruits and Labors of Osiris,and come we forth Not as slaves but as the Sons and Daughters of the Netjer!Hail the One of Nuts Beir,Hail the boat of a Million Years!"
1st Sororer
By Netjer,I proclaim the Temple of the ATON,be thee Open as a rite of that which Opens the Mouth and Portal,to the Good-Delights of Osiris-seker!IAO!
Lodge and Order
The sistums stop shaking and someone rings a bell or a gong three times,and all rise up,intonating...
The Heirophant stamps the Anubisstaff thrice again,all kneel to him on the throne....and two 2nd Sororers
go forth unto the Altar as Isis and Nephthys,mix water with pomagranate juice,and uses the censer with,frankencense and Myrrh,mixed with Kyphi incense..and the heirophant says...
"As Ra rests in the Metset boat,Purify the Portals and Pillars of the ATON."
The 2nd Sororers circumamulate the Temple with Asperging-Pomagranates and water,and Censing the Tomb.
Three times they make the Temple purified,and once done they return to the throne,in the Isian-wings extended to the throne of Osiris,and the 1st Frater says...
"Before Osiris the heart weighs before the Scales of Ma'at!By Sekhem of the will flames the Stele and strength of Bast and Sekhmet!Before Horus,as Isis suckles and Nephthys nurtures,So be the Law of Love and Will,All Laws be before Ma'at and the Incantation of Thoth!
Ra and Osiris hear me!Ptah and Tem to hear me!Nuit and Geb to hear me!"
A 2nd Sororer brings forth upon a gold-laden platter the symbol of the heart,and rams head.with the feather of Ma'at between them.and a another 2nd Sororer brings on a silver platter,Oil and the symbol of an Ankh,and upon the sides of them come forth two scribes bringing forth bread and beer.They circumamulate the temple three times Sun-Wise,and returns to the throne and all kneel.The 1st Frater says...
"Administered is Horus to suck,and Osiris filled with the fruitfulness of the Nile.Hapi,hear me!Four Sons of Horus,hear me!Nuit hold the Temple,Geb guard it from Ill,hear me!Neith,Hold it fast.Amon-Ra,create the body,Isis of the Nile,fill it with blood.Horus be its strength!
I call the Sands of the desert,and the lotus of the oasis,Hear me and attend!"
The items on the platters are blessed by the Heirophant,or by the Magi of the Temple.and layed at the base of the Altar.The 2nd Sororers who stand as Isis and Nephthys,leave the throne and retriveds the oil and pomagranate-water,and goes forth to each in the temple of ATON and 'Adjures'each by sprinkling and touching the brow with the oil,say together to each in the Lodge and Order...
"As Horus suckled,and silence grew across Kemet.May the Waters of Hapi,hold thee and the Light of the Golden Horus protect thee,and the Eye of Ra keep thee,before the feather and truth of Ma'at!"
They make the sign of the Ankh over each,and traces the Utchat on the brow with the feather...and they return to the throne..and the one who stands as Isis says...(exposing Her left breast)
"I give thee,the name of Ra most secret,upon which Apep didst I create.By Heka should it be known,unto the sand of Kemet and the wave of the Nile!
And She vibrates the secret name known only to the Inner Temple of ATON,and the Nephthys continues the Heka...
"I give thee,the Sekhem to bring thee opening,of the ears,of the eyes,and tothe viels of Isis,be thee born and bred.Horus defeats my Husband,Set.Upon this hour,I set thee forth,unto the lands of the Delta,unto the lands of the Kemet!Set to rear the Apep unto his Nightly Doom!
The 1st Frater rises up,goes forth and kneels to the Isis,kisses Her left breast.rises up in the Osiris sign,and gives Her the Sign of Het-heru!He then takes the Candle,and goes forth unto the Pillars of the temple of ATON,and gives the 'Calling of the Four Torches" and lights the braziers,goes to the centerof the Altar and vibrates this as a Heka..
" Ahhhh,Shem kaaaa,Het-Heru,Ra-Seker,Osiris,Aaaaaaaahhhhh Nuuuuukhemmmm,Iaaaaaoooooo"
'Before the Pylons of Osiris,the Holy Ones have Come Forth by Night!Secret thy innumerable,Inneferable names!Bring thee forth the Elixar and most excellent gift!The Waters of the Nile Illumine thee,The Sand of Kemet exalt thee,The boat of a million years adorn thee,the Eye of Ra adjure thee!Hail thee,O Pillers Hold of Twenty-One Sekhems before the House of Osiris."
He waves the Uas over the Drink and Food,in the sign of the Tet.and says he...
"The portion,filled of Sekhmets oblivion,blessed by Ra-seker-asar!I give to thee drink!
The body made whole of Osiris,Isis and Nephthys,I give to thee the bounty!"
The two Sororers go to the Altar,touches the drink and bread and says together..
" Of the Blood and Moon,
Of the Brood of the Earth,my Blessings!
They take the drink and bread to the throne whereupon sits the Heirophant.Where the two Sororers return to the position of admonishment!The 1st Frater kneels before the heirophant and the Lodge and Order follows in kind.The Heirophant stamps the Anubisstaff five-three-five times and the 1st frater recites the entire'Coming Forth by Night' by heart.Once done..the sistrums rattle again,with 3 strikes of the bell or one stroke of the gong...and the heirophant says..
"Before me,thy confessions be made,and Task of Ka,Ba,and Khu,Let me be the Nurished and Nurisher,Let my body be as the scarab and thy heart before the urn.Ma'at thy position to weigh,the Netjer thy judgement make!By Anubis I lead thee unto the lands of the Tuat!"
Anubis.Bring the Order of the Portal,and Heka of the Khu,hereforth!
A Scribe dressed as Anubis..comes and takes each before the heirophant,who with scales weighs the feather with the'Offering' and bids each to eat and drink in the land of Khemu-Anent.Each must state Name of Heka,Gods they worship of the Netjer,and Rank in the Lodge and Order.When all are given offering and drink..A Scribe recites the" Seventy-two Negative Confessions".When this is done..all gather about the Heirophant for the ATON Temple Feast.
When the feast has been sanctified by the Netjer,usually a beer blessed was slowly poured into the Torches of the Pillars as an offering to the Four Sons of Horus.And Offerings are poured and anointed over the statues and talismantic symbols of the Netjeru Themselves,and over each other.many times the Mass of the Phoenix(on next page) is performed by the Lodge and order after the Oblations given due.If not,then a leading of the procession into the Temple closing.The fires lit must burn themselves out on their own.The heirophant says..standing forth...
"Ra of the Sun and Coming Forth by Day,Hear me!Horus of the Silent-lip,Hear me!Osiris of the Heart and Scales ,Hear me!I am the conquerer of Apep!I am the thrower down of Set!I am the Holder of the Utchat on the boat of a Million Years!I am the Bennu that rises,I am the Falcon that avenges,I am the Bringer Forth of the Sun by Day!"
The heirophant rises and all rise.The Heirophant then leads the Lodge and Order to the Portal to the Temple.
And all gather about the Pylons giving forth the Heka of the IAO,and the Calling of the Sun!Then the Lodge and Order is Led about the Pylons in a circumamulation against the Sun,and resuffumed with the incense and Pomagranate-water,and then a closing of the Temple is performed.When all leave the ATON Temple,it must be reaffirmed of their position and aspiration within the Temple itself.This is the Outer Temple ATON Feast.The Inner temple Feast is much more extensive,with aheavy emphasis on the Heka and Netjeru.
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