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ATON Ceremony of the Great Phoenix Mass
It is made holy in the names of the Netjer,to be after the Ritual of Opening of the Temple and Ways.That all who are a part of the Great Phoenix Mass be bare breasted in the sign of the Netjer as well,Sorors may be shown to be One breast exposed,as the implement of Auset Herself.
The Lodge and Order of the ATON stands before the Altar,where layeth the thurable that burns with Kyphi and with 3 drops of Myrrh oil.As the Heirophant leans to the west He gives the sign of the Opener of Het-heru and He intonates..
" Ra-seker beir of course by Api,Scribe of the Netjer,Unto Nut thy seat to rest,
The entire Lodge and Order raise up the tight first finger to the mouth,that giveth the sign of Horus the Child,and all stare upon the Heirophant as the radiant Ra...and it is said....
"Horus sibs to Pylon Fires in the Beir of Heavenly days,so forth the unnutterable one!"
"Ahhhhh-seeeeeeeb-kaaaaaaheeeeem-Naaaaaruuuuuuuuuu-Emmmmm-Hotep Heru'
And the Heirophant drops 3 drips of frankencense into the pylon flame,with a pinch of Kyphi,the bell or gong is rung once...a part of beer and juice is taken to the pillar fires and place a bit therein.The heirophant claps nine times...and calls out the Heka...
"Before the Nu and Seb-Opener of the Portals in the Land of Khemet,I am the Holy One before the Pharoahs of the Temple.I am the Flame of the Khu as it standeth before the Throne of Osiris,I am the Sekhem of Horus upon the Nile that defeateth Set!I am the Utchat that forms of the heavenly vengence of Ra-Amon.Not my hold ill upon the Ladge and order of ATON.So is it Heka,So is it law!"
He claps his hands nine times again..and a 2nd Soror,pours fresh water over his hands into a clay bowl.He raises his hands up to the Sun exposed and with the right hand finger up,and the left hand draws down past his hip and points to the earth..the heka is said..
"Ptah to design the Patens of the twenty-one pylons,that which upholds the Netjer to the Heavens and the Tuat.The Flame of the Portal is to pass near,To Ptah,the creator,To Anubis the Dweller between the living and the dead.Here is the Heart and Djed!"
He takes up a piece of bread,slices it open with the Iron blade.stuffs it with pomagranates and 3 drops of his blood...and he places it upon the thurable..saying the Heka...
"Thoth to tongue-I speak the words of the scribes.The Heka mends the flame and the Pylon to Ra burneth,the Khu of (say heka name)flourish,the Nile rises up and the scarab wings to the Sun."
He then makes the sign of the Ankh over the patens,and obliate the pomagranate juice and beer,holding up to the Flaming Pylon Top..he intonates...
Some of the burnt bread ashes are removed from the lip of the thurable carefully..and placed into a bowl of Gold and this is brought to the heirophant that is still holding up the drink.and he pours a little into the Gold bowl,and He intonates..
This mix is taken to the center of the Temple by the 1st Soror,and placed upon a small pillar,the Lodge and Order walks the Temple 9 times then encroaches upon the center middle pillar.all stand about in the Isis Opening position.The heirophant still standing at the Altar,claps 9 times again..and the 1st Frater at the Middle pillar speaks...
"IAO! IAO!IAO!So forth is the coming of Bennu,the Flaming-Sekhem of Horus and Ra.
Atem calls from His station in the heavens,and the cast down shall not come upon me! or stand before the Risen Flame of Osiris!Not Evil of Apep Comes,Not Evil of Set Comes,Not Evil of other lands Comes!Only the Fires of the Bennu Comes!"
Is recited by heart over the Golden-Bowl...when finished the Lodge and order begins the combined Heka....
"The Osiris, the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- I flew up out of primeval matter. I came into being like the god
Khepera. I germinated like the plants. I am concealed like the tortoise [in his shell]. I am the seed of every god. I am
Yesterday of the Four [Quarters of the Earth, and] the Seven Uraei, who came into being in the Eastern land. [I am] the Great
One (Horus) who illumineth the Hememet spirits with the light of his body. [I am] that god in respect of Set. [I am] Thoth who
[stood] between them (Horus and Set) as the judge on behalf of the Governor of Sekhem and the Souls of Anu. [He was like]
a stream between them. I have come. I rise up on my throne. I am endowed with Khu. I am mighty. I am endowed with
godhood among the gods. I am Khensu, [the lord] of every kind of strength."
Igniting the mixture upon the middle pillar,until it becomes a blazing fire and gleems with a golden hue.The 1st Frater again speaks Heka...
"I am the Opener of Ways,I am the scribe Ani,I am the way to Khert-Neter.I am the Scarab Transformed.Arise Golden-Bennu.Reborn Light of Ra..Hear me and attend!"
The entire Lodge and Order watches the flames and draws into themselves the luminous light and flame of the kindled Khu.all raise their hand up to the brow in the sign of the Memphis Triad,or Utchat,holding up the Eye of Horus toward the flames.Then all begin the circumamulation or Nine times to the Opening of the Moon,back to the Altar and heirophant.and he says...
"As Ra setteth the boat unto the heavens,be thee as the Bennu unto the ATON and Netjer,Speak thee of the vow and oath,in the name of Ma'at!Hear and attend!
All go forth unto the heirophant,kneels and gives homage to Him as the Netjer,and each recite His/Her Office in the Lodge and Order of ATON,and in the name of the Netjer,is given bread and oblation.The heirophant then stamps the Anubisstaff nine times,and commences to Close the Temple before the Opening of the Portal Rite.
In the Inner temple the Great Mass of the Phoenix and Bennu is greatly more extensive,also a complete ritual exists for each grade in the ATON Lodge and Order.So concludes the Great Mass of the Phoenix.
Make thee this as a sign of Sekhem and Scribe unto the Netjer.Make ye a dough of just flour and salt,with a drop of Myrrh mixed therein,and also nine drops of the pomagranate juice,the drench it with beer and let sit out in the Sun at Noon whilst the Day is unto the Sun and Moon is unto Leo.When dry,Bake immediately,in an oven of the consuming of the heat of Ra...and speak over it,the Heka of the Chapter of the Bennu.and whence done,cover and lid with the remnants of a connection to Kemet.This is for the Mass of the Phoenix and for feeding the Pylons.
Onward to the Great Ceremony of the Sun and Moon
ATON Grand Temple Feast