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ATON Ceremony of the Sun and Moon
The ATON Temple arrangement is to be accordingly,in the center of the Temple is the Altar,A drink bowl of beer,two breads of the Phoenix Mass,the Uas,Bell or Gong,Oil of Myrrh,Thurible already lit,and two gold banded or Magick Iron rings.
Temple preperation,the 1st Frater will be adorned in white,bear chested wearing the Uraeus.The 1st Sororer shall wear a blue drape and shall be revealed of one breast(left)Her headdress shall be cow horned as the Moon,He shall wear the Gold Ankh of the Sun,She will wear the Left Utchat about Her neck,He the Right Utchat about His neck.Both with the Lodge and Order must be duly purified with Incense and Oil of Lotus,before the Temple Ceremony begins.
They both shall prepare the Lodge and Order by purification,and commence for all to be upon them at the Altar of the ATON Temple.The Lodge and Order stands in the "Coming of Thoth" position towards the 1st Frater and Sororer.The Frater and Sororer,face each other and stand in the Isis unveiling position,arms at 'above and below' and its is said forth together...

"The Osiris Ani saith:- Open to me! Who art thou? Whither goest thou? What is thy name? I am one of you. Who are these
with you? The two Merti goddesses (Isis and Nephthys). Thou separatest head from head when [he] entereth the divine
Mesqen chamber. He causeth me to set out for the temple of the gods Kem-heru. "Assembler of souls" is the name of my
ferry-boat. "Those who make the hair to bristle" is the name of the oars. "Sert" ("Goad") is the name of the hold. "Steering
straight in the middle" is the name of the rudder; likewise, [the boat] is a type of my being borne onward in the lake. Let there
be given unto me vessels of milk, and cakes, and loaves of bread, and cups of drink, and flesh, in the Temple of Anpu"
The Gong or Bell is rung three times,and the Heka resumes by the Frater and Sororer...

"He saith:- Hail, thou God Temu, grant thou unto me the sweet breath which dwelleth in thy nostrils! I am the Egg which is in
Kenken-ur (the Great Cackler), and I watch and guard that mighty thing which hath come into being, wherewith the god Keb
hath opened the earth. I live; it liveth; I grow, I live, I snuff the air. I am the god Utcha-aabet, and I go about his egg. I shine at
the moment of the mighty of strength, Suti. Hail, thou who makest sweet the time of the Two Lands! Hail, dweller among the
celestial food. Hail, dweller among the beings of blue (lapis-lazuli), watch ye to protect him that is in his nest, the Child who
cometh forth to you".
The Frater and Sororer enfold hands as like wings of the scarab,and the Lodge and Order,then changes the position to the 'Enterer' and it is then said...
"Here sayeth the scribe unto Isis and Nile,thy fashioned Serpent of heka reveals the source of the spittle that revers the light through the New of Moon."
Gong or Bell nine times
"Here sayeth the scribe unto Osiris and throne,thy vestaments to the Papyri showeth the Pylon of Ra,and Holdeth up to the Sun O birth giver of Golden Horus."
And the Lodge and Order begins a Sun-Wise circumamulation about the Frater and Sororer.until the Sororer signals for a stop.Then She takes up the Lotus oil and marks the sign of the Utchat on each brow,and the Frater makes the sign of the Ankh upon each chest...then the Lodge and Order kneels to the Sororer and Frater...and they resume the incantations...
"Horus hold thee before the heavens,Geb root thee to the Earth,Nut hide thee from thy enemies."
The the Lodge and Order takes the full Osiris position as the Frater Censes each with Kyphi and Frankencense.
and the Sororer leads the Lodge in the 'Admonition of the Mouth of Opening" Heka...

"The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- Hail, Thoth! What is it that hath happened to the children of Nut? They have
waged war, they have upheld strife, they have done evil, they have created the fiends, they have made slaughter, they have
caused trouble; in truth, in all their doings the strong have worked against the weak. Grant, O might of Thoth, that that which
the god Tem hath decreed [may be done!] And thou regardest not evil, nor art thou provoked to anger when they bring their
years to confusion, and throng in and push in to disturb their months. For in all that they have done unto thee they have
worked iniquity in secret. I am they writing-palette, O Thoth, and I have brought unto thee thine ink-jar. I am not of those who
work iniquity in their secret places; let not evil happen unto me.

The Osiris, the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- Hail, Temu! What manner of land is this unto which I have come? It
hath not water, it hath not air; it is depth unfathomable, it is black as the blackest night, and men wander helplessly therein. In it
a man cannot live in quietness of heart; nor may the longings of love be satisfied therein. But let the state of the Spirit-souls be
given unto me instead of water and air, and the satisfying of the longings of love, and let quietness of heart be given unto me
instead of cakes and ale. The god Tem hath decreed that I shall see thy face, and that I shall not suffer from the things which
pain thee. May every god transmit unto thee his throne for millions of years. Thy throne hath descended unto thy son Horus,
and the god Tem hath decreed that thy course shall be among the holy princes. In truth he shall rule from thy throne, and he
shall be heir to the throne of the Dweller in the fiery Lake [Neserser]. In truth it hath been decreed that in me he shall see his
likeness, and that my face shall look upon the face of the Lord Tem. How long then have I to live? It is decreed that thou shalt
live for millions of years, a life of millions of years. Let it be granted to me to pass on to the holy princes, for indeed, I have
done away all the evil which I committed, from the time when this earth came into being from Nu, when it sprang from the
watery abyss even as it was in the days of old. I am Fate and Osiris, I have made my transformations into the likeness of
divers serpents. Man knoweth not, and the gods cannot behold the two-fold beauty which I have made for Osiris, the greatest
of the gods. I have given unto him the region of the dead. And, verily, his son Horus is seated upon the throne of the Dweller
in the fiery Lake [of Neserser], as his heir. I have made him to have his throne in the Boat of Millions of Years. Horus is
stablished upon his throne [among his] kinsmen, and he hath all that is with him. Verily, the Soul of Set, which is greater than
all the gods, hath departed. Let it be granted to me to bind his soul in fetter in the Boat of the God, when I please, and let him
hold the Body of the God in fear. O my father Osiris, thou hast done for me that which thy father Ra did for thee. Let me
abide upon the earth permanently. Let me keep possession of my throne. Let my heir be strong. Let my tomb, and my friends
who are upon the earth, flourish. Let my enemies be given over to destruction, and to the shackles of the goddess Serq. I am
thy son. Ra is my father. On me likewise thou hast conferred life, strength, and health. Horus is established upon his tomb.
Grant thou that the days of my life may come unto worship and honour".
As when this has taken as the Lodge and Order Admonition and Proclamation.The Gong is rung Once of the Bell three times,and the Frater takes up the Uas,and points it to each of the Lodge and Order,and unto each of any grade except the Heirophant of course..and the Words of Intiation are spoken unto the Uas
(this Ritual is reserved for the Inner Temple) then the 2nd Frater or 2nd Sororer goes forth and lights the Braziers (torches) at the Four Pylons....and it is called forth...
"Hail, thou Beautiful Power, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven.

Hail, thou who circlest, Guide of the Two Lands, Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven.

Hail, Splendour, Dweller in the temple of the Ashemu gods, Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven.

Hail, Dweller in the temple of the Red gods, Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven"
The 1st Frater points the Uas at the East and South and West and North...tracing an Ankh at the Four Pylons and it is said..Whilst the Lodge and Order focuses the Sekhem to the Pylons themselves.And the HEKA continues...
"Hail, Power of Heaven, Opener of the Disk, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Northern Heaven.

Hail, Ra, Guide of the Two Lands, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Western Heaven.

Hail, Khu, Dweller in the House of the Akhemu gods, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Eastern Heaven.

Hail, Governor, Dweller in the House of the Tesheru Gods, thou Beautiful Rudder of the Southern Heaven.

Grant ye cakes, and ale and tchefau food to the Osiris Auf-ankh, whose word is truth.

Hail, Father of the Gods! Hail, Mother of teh Gods in Khert-Neter! Deliver ye the Osiris from every evil thing, from every evil
obstruction, from every dire attack of an enemy, and from that deadly snarer with knife-like words, and from men, and gods,
and Spirit-souls, and the damned, on this day, on this night, on this present festival of the fifteenth day, and in this year, and
from the things of evil thereof".
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