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ATON Lodge and Order Qabalist Middle Pillar Ritual
This here will stand the Qabalistic Form of the ATON of the Outer Temple 'Middle Pillar" Ritual and Practice.A healthy study and practice of this Ritual with and understanding of the Tree of Life and correspondances,will aid the practitioner in Elevation and Heka!
The ATON Middle Pillar
The following is the Traditional Middle Pillar Exercise as practiced among members of the ATON.

1. Visualize yourself standing in the Lodge and Order, facing West.

2. Formulate the Black Pillar of Severity on your right side and the White Pillar of Mercy on your left
side.See the columns glowing with an Inward pulsing power.

3. Imagine now that the Black Pillar is reflected in your right side and the White Pillar in your left side.
And visualize them becoming thicker and more potent by the consistant practice.

4. Visualize a Flaming Sphere of brilliant White Light emanating seven inches from above your head.
Inhale deeply and vibrate the divine name of Eheieh, which means I Will Be or I Am.Seeing the Flaming Sphere
enhousing a seven-rayed star.

5. Bring down the Light from above and visualize a Flaming Sphere of brilliant Bluish-White at the nape of
your neck. Inhale deeply and vibrate the divine name Yehowah Elohim, which means Lord God or
Lord of the Gods.See the Flaming Light begin to engulf the Head area as like a halo.

6. Bring down the Light and visualize a Flaming Sphere of brilliant Yellow at your heart centre. Inhale
deeply and vibrate the divine name Yehowah Eloah va-Daath or IAO. The former means Lord God
of all Knowledge and the latter is a Gnostic name of The Sun and is a Notariqon of the former.Using IAO
connects you to the Universal center of the Otz Chim(Tree of Life)

7. Bring down the Light and visualize a Flaming Sphere of Luminous Green at your genital region. Inhale
deeply and vibrate the divine name Shaddai el Chai, which means Almighty God of Life.Then once done,vibrate
Malkuth to connect to the Materium.

8. Bring down the Light and visualize a Flaming Sphere of Deep Green-Gold at your feet. Inhale deeply and
vibrate the divine name Adonai ha-Aretz, which means My Lord of Earth.Seeing the Power go into the Tree Roots.

9. Circulate the Light by formulating in your Aura the Talismatic Spiral of Flushing Electric-Blue Light
Rising up from the Feet around you,up past your head,seeing the edges becoming Thick and almost crusty.

10. Equilibrate the Light by formulating the Qabalistic Cross of the ATON, thus:

1a. Touch forehead with the Sign of Benediction (or the index finger), and say Ateh (Thou).

1b. Touch breast, and say Aiwaz (Angel of the Aeon) or IAO (God Name of Tiphareth).

1c. Touch genitals, and say Malkuth (the Kingdom).

1d. Touch right shoulder, and say ve-Geburah (and the Power).

1e. Touch left shoulder, say ve-Gedulah (and the Glory).

From this Ritual and Practice will come Will,Balance,Strength,and the Creed to overcome the Ordeal set out by the Netjer to all who would first walk in their Paths and Pylons.Also from this Centering and Balancing Ritual form it will take the Practitioner to Levels of New and Different Understanding.Then persuance thereof to connect to the Pylons of the Four Sons of Horus is the next practice made...or upon the Focus and practice of this invocation to the Netjer...

"The Osiris Ani saith:- Open to me! Who art thou? Whither goest thou? What is thy name? I am one of you. Who are these
with you? The two Merti goddesses (Isis and Nephthys). Thou separatest head from head when [he] entereth the divine
Mesqen chamber. He causeth me to set out for the temple of the gods Kem-heru. "Assembler of souls" is the name of my
ferry-boat. "Those who make the hair to bristle" is the name of the oars. "Sert" ("Goad") is the name of the hold. "Steering
straight in the middle" is the name of the rudder; likewise, [the boat] is a type of my being borne onward in the lake. Let there
be given unto me vessels of milk, and cakes, and loaves of bread, and cups of drink, and flesh, in the Temple of Anpu."
The Practioner as the Partitioner then makes the sign of the Silent One,over the Altar facing outward to the Temple and Pylons and then this Heka follows to procure the Khu and Spirit in its truest form..

"The am khent priest, Nefer-uben-f, whose word is truth, saith:- I, even I, am he who cometh forth from the god Keb. The
water-flood is given to him, he hath become the master thereof in the form of Hapi. I, the am khent Nefer-uben-f, open the
doors of heaven. Thoth hath opened to me the doors of Qebh (the Celestial Waters). Lo, Hepi Hepi, the two sons of the Sky,
mighty in splendour, grant ye that I may be master over the water, even as Set had dominion over his evil power on the day of
the storming of the Two Lands. I pass by the Great Ones, arm to shoulder, even as they pass that Great God, the Spirit who
is equipped, whose name is unknown. I have passed by the Aged One of the shoulder. I am Nefer-uben-f, whose word is
truth. Hath opened to me the Celestial Water Osiris. Hath opened to me the Celestial Water Thoth-Hapi, the Lord of the
horizon, in his name of "Thoth, cleaver of the earth." I am master of the water, as Set is master of his weapon. I sail over the
sky, I am Ra, I am Ru. I am Sma. I have eaten the Thigh, I have seized the bone and flesh. I go round about the Lake of
Sekhet-Ar. Hath been given to me eternity without limit. Behold, I am the heir of eternity, to whom hath been given
Then a Gong or Bell get rung three times and a Drink of Oblation is poured mixed of Berr,Pomagraate juice and three drops of your blood,a portion of this gets poured into the Pylon Fires and a Bit of it get drunk by the practioner..and it is said...
"I give of myself as Hapi gives of the Nile when in Need! Hail the Lord of the Pylons and Hail to the God that has risen of the Middle Pillar of the New Order..."
The Ritual is concluded...and the Closing of the Temple and Pylons is usually performed by the practioner of the proper grade.