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ATON Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram
The ATON Ritual of the Lesser Banashing Pentagram is to give the Practitioner a Clear and Decisive
Field of Energy upon which to begin the Ways of the Holy Work of the New Aeon.And the Power and Implement is to Fortify and Strengthen the Practitioners resolve in the Ordeals of the coming Work and Grades Later in the College and Curriculum of the ATON Lodge and Order.
The practitioner begins at the Temple and Altar with the sign of the Enterer,then resumes the sign of Silence!
All ritual tools and implements that are charged with power and energy must be brought into the area of working so as they will not be accidently banashed and cleared of all energy.
The practitioner stands in the West of the Altar facing the East Taketh the Blade of Power and begins the Ritual of the Qabalistic Cross.
Once done,the practitioner goes to the East of the Altar Deosil and traces an electric blue light with whitish glowing fire tracing an Earth Banashing Pentagram(or a Reverse Ankh)and Vibrates 'IHVH'
projecting the light into its center using the sign of the Enterer,then raises up to give the sign of silence.
Imbuing the Center of the Pentagram or Reverse Ankh with the Blade tracing a Line of the Light to the South and redo the performance as if in the Eastexcept vibrate 'ADNI' then do the same at the West as in the South except Vibrate 'AHIH' and then go and do the same in the North as in the west but vibrate 'AGLA' this is all performed as a Power and Ritual to be made Fluid in its entirety.
Go thee then unto the West of the Temple Altar and face East...and give the sign of Osiris Risen with the arms crossed over the body and chest.Then Swing the Arms open to the Supplicant Position,the Blade pointing upward and say thee with Will and Strength...
"Before me Raphael!" Behind Me Gabriel!" "To My Right is Michael!" " To My Left is Uriel!" "About Me Flames the Pentagrams(or Ankhs)and above me Shines the Seven -Rayed Star!"

Now touch the blade tip to your brow.and agin repeat the Ritual of the ATON Qabalistic Cross(or Ankh)
once this is performed successfully the next part may also be applied.
Before the Temple Altar is this Invocation to the Lord of the Universe performed...It is Thelemic in Origin and Used by the ATON Lodge and Order but not owned bythe ATON as such...full literary credit is to the owners of the Invocation ...
Adoration be unto Thee, Lord of my Life: for Thou hast permitted me to enter thus far into the
Sanctuary of Thine Ineffable Mystery; and hast vouchsafed to manifest unto me some little fragment of
the Glory of Thy Supreme Being. Hear me, Thou Vast and Mighty One; hear me, and grant that my
Will be done! Grant that I may ever uphold and exercise Thine Holy Way of Liberty, as a god who is
free to do his/her True Will amongst the legions of the living; and grant unto me the comprehension of
aught that may bring me nearer unto Thee. Teach me, Lord Horus, more and more of Thy Mystery and
Thy Mastery. Let each day and night and hour bring me nearer, near unto Thee. Let me aid Thee in
Thy Great Work upon earth, so that I may one day become truly united unto Thee in all Thy Infinite
Glory of Light, Life, Love and Liberty.

Come Thou forth unto me, O Thou Mighty and Vast One, that art the Lord of the Aeon, Thou Supreme
and Terrible God who makest the gods and death to tremble before Thee, and whose Law is DO
WHAT THOU WILT. O Thou Heart of my Soul: O Thou Self-Shining Flame: O Thou Glory of the
Light of the Sun: Thee, Thee, I invoke! Come Thou forth unto me, my Lord; to me, who am Thy
reflection in the mighty sea of matter. O hear me, Thou Lord of the Gods: hear me in the habitations of
Eternity; and come Thou forth unto me to purify and consecrate to Thy Great Work my mind and will.
Without Thee I am nothing. In Thee I am All-Self Existing in Thy Selfhood to Eternity!

Come Thou forth unto me, O Thou Most Hidden Light! O Thou Heart of my Soul, Thee, Thee, I
invoke! Come Thou forth unto me, O Thou who art my very Selfhood, mine Essence, my Light; and do
Thou guard me and guide me through the manifold paths of Life, that I may at length become one with
Thy Supreme and Terrible Essence! O Lord of the Universe, grant Thou that upon me may shine forth
the Light of my True Soul; and let me be guided by the help of mine Holy Guardian Angel unto the
attainment of Thy Throne of Glory.

And for this day, teach me this one thing: how I may learn from Thee the Mysteries of Thy Sacred
Magick of Thelema: that I may obtain the Knowledge and Power of my True Will, and thus attain to the
Knowledge and Conversation of mine Holy Guardian Angel; and how best I may use that Knowledge
and Power to assist my fellow men and women to accomplish Thy Great Work upon earth.

And finally, I implore Thee, to let there be a link of unity between us, that I may ever seek, and seeking,
obtain Freedom and Knowledge in Thee who art my very Selfhood, that I may duly partake of Thy
Supreme Essence of Power to attain the Grand Philosopher’s Stone, the Summum Bonum, True
Wisdom and Perfect Happiness.

O Lord, May my Will which is Thine be done!

Thus said and performed properly..the Ritual is Concluded,except where the Heka would need to be done as the Great Work next...and to begin the next as a practice and means to procure the Power and Knowledge of the ATON Lodge and Order...this now resumes..
"The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, saith:- Ra
ascendeth his throne on his horizon, and the Company of his Gods follow in his train.
The God cometh forth from his hidden place, [and] tchefau food falleth from the eastern
horizon of heaven at the word of Nut. They (the gods) rejoice over the paths of Ra, the
Great Ancestor [as] he journeyeth round about. Therefore art thou exalted, O Ra, the
dweller in thy Shrine. Thou swallowest the winds, thou drawest into thyself the north
wind, thou eatest up the flesh of thy seat on the day when thou breathest truth. Thou
dividest [it among] the gods who are [thy] followers. [Thy] Boat saileth on travelling
among the Great Gods at thy word. Thou countest thy bones, thou gatherest together
thy members, thou settest thy face towards Beautiful Amentet, and thou comest there,
being made new every day. Behold, thou art that Image of Gold, thou hast the unitings
of the disks of the sky, thou hast quakings, thou goest round about, and art made new
each day. Hail! There is rejoicing in the horizon! The gods who dwell in the sky descend
the ropes [of thy Boat] when they see the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, they ascribe
praise unto him as unto Ra. The Osiris Ani is a Great Chief. [He] seeketh the Urrt
Crown. His provisions are apportioned to him- the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth.
[His] fate is strong from the exalted body of the Aamu gods, who are in the presence of
Ra. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, is strong on the earth and in Khert-Neter. O
Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, wake up, and be strong like unto Ra every day. The
Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, shall not tarry, he shall not remain motionless in this
land for ever. Right well shall he see with his two eyes, right well shall he hear with his
two ears, the things which are true, the things which are true. The Osiris Ani, whose
word is truth, is in Anu, the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, is as Ra, and he is exalted
by reason of [his] oars among the Followers of Nu. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth,
cannot tell what he hath seen [or] narrate [what he hath heard] in the House of the God
of Mysteries. Hail! Let there be shouts of acclamation of the Osiris Ani, whose word is
truth, the divine body of Ra in the Boat of Nu, who beareth propitiatory offerings for
the KA of the god of that which he loveth. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in
peace, whose word is truth, is like Horus, the mighty one of transformations.

This Chapter is to be recited over a boat seven cubits long, made of green stone of the
Tchatchau. Make a heaven of stars, and purify it and cleanse it with natron and
incense. Make then a figure of Ra upon a tablet of new stone in paint, and set it in the
bows of the boat. Then make a figure of the deceased whom thou wilt make perfect, [and
place it] in the boat. Make it to sail in the Boat of Ra, and Ra himself shall look upon
it. Do not these things in the presence of any one except thyself, or thy father, or thy
son. Then let them keep guard over their faces, and they shall see the deceased in
the House of Osiris in the form of a messenger of Ra".
Thus shall begin of end the ATON Lesser Pentagram Ritual,from this point it is wise to therefore begin the process of ATON methods of meditations.For a listing of the methods there of the ATON Lodge and Order.