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ATON Update page
Hail Holy Fraters and Sorors of the most illuminate Temple of the ATON.We of the Nuit~Aset~Bast Pillar in Las Vegas
Presently of 10 years time(here) and 43 High initiates and combined Temple members of 132 in full.(here)
I,Who art the... Frater Ra-Heru-Ptah
'Scribe of Luminous Scrolls' 3=7

Have word of unusual and illicit behavior concerning those outside our Holy Temple and Pillar,and beyond the ATON itself,claiming membership to and with us,or by association in matters of QBLH or Tamerian of the Magickal Art and Heka.
We are upon a new time!There is much that will be placed here upon these tombs!Our intiates have now given bare to new Temples being birthed in the name of the Netjeru in many Counties in Nevada.Locations and Outer Temple trainings to be announced by the Illumined ATON by Mid-March.

Also pay close heed to the Photograph area soon to be built upon the winds and wings of the Pylons!Coming soon.
E mail
Yet another admentum for the 'Wise and Exaulted' reader!

Date: new date:June,2001 Topic: Temple of Sekhmet

Let these words be known,before the 4 Sons of Heru!We of the ATON and Temple of Nuit~Aset~Bast are not in any way to be confused with the Temple of Sekhmet in Cactus Springs.There has been a 'claim made' by some of our 'affiliation' and this is greatly incorrect.Our own Temple and the 'Pillar' of Sekhmet is located in another place.We also have NO associations with the name or term 'Lycheums' of those who pertain to be 'Circle/Temples' to the Kemetic/Tamerian Netjeru....

We are also 'online' with MSN messenger service.Just download it,and 'tack into it' the name '

We,under acceptance,will communicate in this fashion for 'new and present 'Temple members!
*Important Update*
The full working schedule will be posted for Aug-Oct in the beginning of July,we have been very busy and the Temple growth has been phenomenal.We will have separate schedules for different Temples in the ATON stream to be listed.

We are opening an Outer Temple training for the Tamerian Cabala for those who wish to be 'learned' thereof...

Info will be sent by e mail on request!