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"Coming Forth by Night"
Ceremony of
the Grand
Temple Feast
Ceremony of
The Great
Phoenix Mass
of the
Sun and Moon
Following Is To Be Recited On The Day Of The
Month (New Moon Day)

The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, saith:- Ra
ascendeth his throne on his horizon, and the Company of his Gods follow in his train.
The God cometh forth from his hidden place, [and] tchefau food falleth from the eastern
horizon of heaven at the word of Nut. They (the gods) rejoice over the paths of Ra, the
Great Ancestor [as] he journeyeth round about. Therefore art thou exalted, O Ra, the
dweller in thy Shrine. Thou swallowest the winds, thou drawest into thyself the north
wind, thou eatest up the flesh of thy seat on the day when thou breathest truth. Thou
dividest [it among] the gods who are [thy] followers. [Thy] Boat saileth on travelling
among the Great Gods at thy word. Thou countest thy bones, thou gatherest together
thy members, thou settest thy face towards Beautiful Amentet, and thou comest there,
being made new every day. Behold, thou art that Image of Gold, thou hast the unitings
of the disks of the sky, thou hast quakings, thou goest round about, and art made new
each day. Hail! There is rejoicing in the horizon! The gods who dwell in the sky descend
the ropes [of thy Boat] when they see the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, they ascribe
praise unto him as unto Ra. The Osiris Ani is a Great Chief. [He] seeketh the Urrt
Crown. His provisions are apportioned to him- the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth.
[His] fate is strong from the exalted body of the Aamu gods, who are in the presence of
Ra. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, is strong on the earth and in Khert-Neter. O
Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, wake up, and be strong like unto Ra every day. The
Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, shall not tarry, he shall not remain motionless in this
land for ever. Right well shall he see with his two eyes, right well shall he hear with his
two ears, the things which are true, the things which are true. The Osiris Ani, whose
word is truth, is in Anu, the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, is as Ra, and he is exalted
by reason of [his] oars among the Followers of Nu. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth,
cannot tell what he hath seen [or] narrate [what he hath heard] in the House of the God
of Mysteries. Hail! Let there be shouts of acclamation of the Osiris Ani, whose word is
truth, the divine body of Ra in the Boat of Nu, who beareth propitiatory offerings for
the KA of the god of that which he loveth. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in
peace, whose word is truth, is like Horus, the mighty one of transformations.

This Chapter is to be recited over a boat seven cubits long, made of green stone of the
Tchatchau. Make a heaven of stars, and purify it and cleanse it with natron and
incense. Make then a figure of Ra upon a tablet of new stone in paint, and set it in the
bows of the boat. Then make a figure of the deceased whom thou wilt make perfect, [and
place it] in the boat. Make it to sail in the Boat of Ra, and Ra himself shall look upon
it. Do not these things in the presence of any one except thyself, or thy father, or thy
son. Then let them keep guard over their faces, and they shall see the deceased in
Khert-Neter in the form of a messenger of Ra.

Osiris the scribe Ani saith:-

Homage to thee, O Ra, when thou risest as Tem-Heru-Khuti. Thou art to be adored. Thy beauties are before mine eyes, [thy] radiance is
upon my body. Thou goest forth to thy setting in the Sektet Boat with [fair] winds, and thy heart is glad; the heart of the Matet Boat
rejoiceth. Thou stridest over the heavens in peace, and all thy foes are cast down; the stars which never rest sing hymns of praise unto thee,
and the stars which are imperishable glorify thee as thou sinkest to rest in the horizon of Manu, O thou who art beautiful at morn and at
eve, O thou lord who livest, and art established, O my Lord!

Homage to thee, O thou who art Ra when thou risest, and who art Tem when thou settest in beauty. Thou risest and thou shinest on the
back of thy mother [Nut], O thou who art crowned the king of the gods! Nut welcometh thee, and payeth homage unto thee, and Maat, the
everlasting and never-changing goddess, embraceth thee at noon and at eve. Thou stridest over the heavens, being glad at heart, and the
Lake of Testes is content. The Sebau-fiend hath fallen to the ground, his fore-legs and his hind-legs have been hacked off him, and the knife
hath severed the joints of his back. Ra hath a fair wind, and the Sektet Boat setteth out on its journey, and saileth on until it cometh into
port. The gods of the South, the gods of the North, the gods of the West, and the gods of the East praise thee, O thou Divine Substance, from
whom all living things came into being. Thou didst send forth the word when the earth was submerged with silence, O thou Only One, who
didst dwell in heaven before ever the earth and the mountains came into being. Hail, thou Runner, Lord, Only One, thou maker of the things
that are, thou hast fashioned the tongue of the Company of the Gods, thou hast produced whatsoever cometh forth from the waters, thou
springest up out of them above the submerged land of the Lake of Horus. Let me breathe the air which cometh forth from thy nostrils, and
the north wind which cometh forth from thy mother Nut. Make thou my Spirit-soul to be glorious, O Osiris, make thou my Heart-soul to be
divine. Thou art worshipped as thou settest, O Lord of the gods, thou art exalted by reason of thy wondrous works. Shine thou with the rays
of light upon my body day by day, upon me, Osiris the scribe, the assessor of the divine offerings of all the gods, the overseer of the granary
of the Lords of Abydos, the real royal scribe who loveth thee, Ani, whose word is truth, in peace.

Praise be unto thee, O Osiris, the Lord of Eternity, Un-Nefer, Heru-Khuti (Harmakhis), whose forms are manifold, whose attributes are
majestic [Praise be unto thee], O thou who art Ptah-Seker-Tem in Anu, thou Lord of the hidden shrine, thou Creator of the House of the KA
of Ptah (Het-ka-Ptah) and of the gods [therein], thou Guide of the Tuat, who art glorified when thou settest in Nu (the Sky). Isis embraceth
thee in peace, and she driveth away the fiends from the entrances of thy paths. Thou turnest thy face towards Amentet, and thou makest the
earth to shine as with refined copper. Those who have lain down in death rise up to see thee, they breathe the air, and they look upon thy
face when the disk riseth on the horizon. Their hearts are at peace since they behold thee, o thou who art Eternity and Everlastingness.